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DTH stands for Direct-To-Home. It’s the way of receiving many TV channels directly from the satellite to end users. And this is carried out from a small dish at home or any place and a small decoder/receiver which can receive the signals from the satellite. In this way, within the coverage areas of the satellite you can see all TV channels in any part without the need of any external cable connection. It’s like the mobile phone over Landline phones.
It can work within the coverage territory of satellite the DTH provider has hired, but due to legal things the service can be formally restricted to certain country only.
There are four major parts of DTH: Earth Station, Satellite, remote receiving Antenna and Set-Top Box (STB). DishHome has booked transponder space in the satellite and it sends TV signals to the satellite through earth station in Ku Band. These signals are received by the small dish along with the special STB (satellite TV receiver) at homes or any place of end users and they can enjoy the TV channels in their TV Sets. Transmission and reception of signal is encrypted by the DTH operator to prevent the unauthorized signal reception.
Yes rain does affect the services of DTH. Pre-rain dark clouds and thunderstorms have effect on the signals, but when rain starts to fall, any signal loss will be automatically compensated by Earth station. We are allocation a bigger satellite space resulting in lesser compression of channels and reduced rainfade in a near future.
Mostly we don’t suggest that, but if you have technical knowledge and can locate the satellite you can do it by yourself otherwise our trained technicians will do it for you.
No, we can use the same dish antenna for multiple STBs. The number will depend on the signal power and the length of the cable.
Yes, each TV set needs Set-Top Box.
Yes. STB can be operated with an inverter or solar powered battery with available voltage for a TV set.
Your TV needs to have minimal option of TV/AV or HDMI for DTH.
DTH will only need TV/AV or HDMI option to operate. The number of channels will be same for every TV for the respective package.