Multistoried Building


When we normally talk about Multi Dwelling Units, we assume we are installing the Digital TV connectivity across the apartments/rooms in a multi storied building. But since we may have detached buildings, with different cabling structures, the situations can be quite different, requiring different architectures and installation practices. This draws the need for Dish Home MDU solutions as it guides the property owner where and how it is convenient to install components required for distributing cables and TV signal to independent blocks.

Dish Home

DishHome MDU's Diverse Services

Dish Home offers Multi Dwelling Unit (MDU) services which is a customized solution for connecting multiple houses within the same multistoried building with a single Antenna/Reflector to receive digital TV signal. This setup consists of centralized TV distribution network consisting of multi switches and amplifiers through which signal is provided to all the individual homes/apartments/rooms. The Dish Antenna captures the signals and transmits them through multi switches on to the individual STBs in the subscriber’s flat. The setup is customized depending on the number of connections and the connectivity structure of the building.

Dish Home MDU service comes in two forms a) Horizontal MDUs that is suitable for low-rise horizontal structure (like sprawling resort) and b) Vertical MDUs that is suitable for high-rise structure(like apartments, hotels). The structure can also have both horizontal and vertical MDU design depending upon the structure size and number of units.


Dish Home has proven experience in providing multiple dwelling units (MDUs) and this service are being used by renowned hotels and apartments. With a reputation client base of over 50 commercial properties, apartments, hotels and hospitals, Dish Home MDU service is already proven for its reliability. Being a renowned brand, offering HD TV signal, Dish Home has the know-how to solve your requirements and our experts have designed and developed supporting products and services all intended to solve any or all of your MDU requirements.

Current analogue TV cabling is often marred by faulty and improper network design which can result in frequent signal losses and irritation to the customer. Dish Home MDU services assure you of quality services with warranties in place against such nuisances.

Why Dish Home MDU?

  • Incorporate latest technology with your property.
  • Offer premium service to your customers
  • Shed off grainy picture of analogue cable TV and move on with latest HD picture.
  • Find a customized solution for any MDU installation scenario, regardless of building size, installations skill or deployment speed.
  • Reduce installation time and simplify your design process with our pre connectorized MDU products, or take advantage of our field-proven, field-installable products.
  • Leverage our extensive knowledge base and experience in MDU installations with our complimentary design services and 24/7 technical support.


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