Individual Households

Dish Home offers multi TV connection facility for customers who have more than one TV at home. You only need to install one Dish antenna for all the TV connections but have to buy individual Set Top Box for each TV.  The 1st connection is regarded as Main Connection (Master STB) and 2nd and 3rd connection as (2TV and 3TV or Sub Accounts). In case of Multi TV connection, all connection must be made within a single house/ apartment. Dish Home offers subsidized pricing for Multi TV connections.

  • One Set-Top-Box per television
  • One common dish for multiple TV connections
  • Economy on ownership
  • Different programs on different televisions at any given time

Multi TV


Note: Multi TV Connection is available on Deluxe & Lifestyle HD Package only. Installation charge will be extra. Dual LNB for 2TV Connection and Quad LNB for 3TV Connection has to be purchased by Customers.
Customers can make a mix of both HD and SD Set Top Boxes also.